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have full rights and the full freedoms that any young child would hope and dream for, thinking about what their marriage is going to be. >> the u.s. supreme court has said it will hear both cases, both proposition 8 case affecting california, and the defense of marriage act affecting everybody in the country. we expect a decision by june. mark matthews abc 7 news. >> right now in the south play bai, police trying to contact the owner of a youth consignment lot. we first brought you the story last night at 11:00. car owners are converging on sunnyvale motors looking for answers. the lot has been empty since sunday. the owner cannot be found. sunnyvale motors sold cars for owner who's turned over their pink slips. >> the car we're keeping. >> 40,000. >> 40,000s sndz.
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>> yes. >> they're in disbelief. they can't believe they've got swindled. it's sad listening to their story autos a mechanic says cars were towed off the lot on friday. the tow truck company told abc 7 news they're taken to auction. no charges have yet been filed against the owner. >> the police officer union says the department riched a dipping point.7)÷ >> saying the city is losing more experienced officers than it will be able to recruit and retain. happening now a half dozen police officers walked away from the department just this week. there are 44 new recruits but since september, 36 officers resigned or retired from the department. the union says if you add in officer who's have given notice and will be gone by the end of the month, the city is now losing officers at a faster pace than it will be ever to replai.s poa says
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experienced cops are leaving in record numbers and this in the case of pay cuts and better opportunities in other cities. >> we call it voting with your feet. they're walking out. we can't strike or do job actions. so the only way to send a leave. >> the mayor says the city has fewer officers than 10 years ago. the budget increased and the city needs to rain in those costs. san jose voters support read form measures. the union says it did not anticipate the experiodus it's aggressive fiscal reform. >> police trying to find a serial rapist in richmond. >> the rapist changed his appearance when he forced a woman into his car. the next reported attack was on november toth.
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he followed a woman trying to coax her into his car. police say he forced a woman into the car and attacked her at knife point. witnesses say he's driving a white sedan, similar to a nissan altima. it may have a child seat in the back. >> police say a teenager on the run two months is under arrest after a shooting this, this was the scene on september poth. a red dodge charger ran off the road and went into the bushes in belmont. police say the 18-year-old is under arrest. he's accused of shooting at three people, still trying to figure out if this was road rage or the result of a previous dispute. >> there is new information about the 1997 unsolved murder of rapper notorious big. >> the rapper was shot four
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times. the fatal shot passed through his heart, and left lung. his real name was christopher wallace, he was killed leaving a music industry event. the murder is the subject of a investigation. >> no deaths or no major damage reported in japan following a quake there at rush hour. >> this is centered off the northeastern coast of japan, the same region devastated by a quake ask tsunami in march, 2011. japan says it was actually an after shock. early warnings gave coastal higher ground. that quake shook buildings in tokyo, 100 miles away. >> a strong earthquake rattled new zealand. the quake struck the country's north island about 10:20 our k 130 miles away. no major damage has been reported a tsunami alert was not issued. >> a fan attending a raiders
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game remains in serious condition. we've got some video there. that is not the story. let me tell you what happened. witnesses say he jumped from the upper deck. officials say it happened on the west side during first quarter of the raiders game with the broncos. >> the man landed on the upper concourse. he was conscious when he left so far no word on why this man may have jumped. >> a man refusing to climb off a scaffold along the embarcadero. he's been up there two and a half hours, police say he's the suspect in a battery case. a victim told officers the man kicked him and hit him with a skateboard. you can see him climbing up here. and that is where he climbed on to the scaffold and where is he at this moment.
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>> pearl harbor survivors saluted their officer autos today 71 anniversary of japan attack on the u.s. naval base in hawaii. the pearl harbor attack that threw the u.s. into world war ii. >> now, a tug boat played a key role in that attack. >> you're looking at an old tug boat so small, it's dwarfed by the dry dock here. 71 years ago, it played a role in world war ii. >> if it wasn't for her jumping into action, her and things could have gone different. you never know. >> december 7th, 1941. parl harbor in shambles. today, this is the only
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surviving vessel. after the war, she served oakland, then went to the both ball fleet. now, they are prepping for a museum in arkansas. this morning, 71 years to the minute of the attack, everyone in the yard came together for this memorial. they raised the flag, saluting this old tug pushing debreerks keeping pearl harbor open. >> this actually blew me away. this is a great piece of history. >> this is the one that did. >> right now, members after an oakland church group getting back on their feet after being robbed of their money during a trip to florida. >> the group from the ministry on mcarthur boulevard.
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someone broke into the van and stole their money. the church member says that good samaritans are stepping up here. >> the group is concerned about getting back social security cards and pass ports that belong to the chaperone. >> it's an unfortunate situation. >> let's take a look at the weekend forecast. >> there is no wayne in the forecast. we have a cloud-free sky right now. some areas of thin, high clouds, just scatter area around the bay area, low 60s in other locations. and it's a mild afternoon. taking a look at this afternoon, it will be chilly, clear skies and getting cold early morning lows from mid-30s to mid-40s in the
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there could be patches of fog tomorrow, by afternoon, sunny, mild and 60s on the coast. up to 60s to mid-70s -- 60s inland and milder whether coming up. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 the man dubbed the toughest sheriff in america takes aim at a letter writing campaign against him. >> what traffic officials want installed in new cars and truck that's would make them more like commercial airplane autos michael finney taking questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them here live just a little bit later. you can contact michael on and on twitter. >> on a get away friday, downtown commute this is the sky way. there is road work being done on the upper deck of the bay bridge this afternoon.çmj# so that packed everything up
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that. is why you have problems on the right side of the screen. left side, just usual friday afternoon get away traffic. stay with us.
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san francisco school officials want the man known as america's toughest sheriff to write a leter to students after being denied an opportunity to speak with them in american. the -- person. the sheriff happen owes to be in san francisco for a conference, receiving a bundle of letters from students. the qlerts criticized his efforts to enforce immigration laws in the phoenix area. he called letters hate mail, and he wanted to speak to those students.
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>> this class had to be controlled by a teacher. it was like a project. why they picked me? why didn't theyeegy pick someone from cal? i know why they picked me. i'm controversial. >> this stems from making prisoners wear pink under wear and working on chain gang autos the report is better hahn expected. the labor zeptz the economy added 146,000 new jobs in november. the rate also fell to 7.7%. some people who are looking for work were not counted as unemployed because they stopped looking. there is evidence that itjte hirings. >> national highway safety administration proposed new rules requiring event data recorders or black box devices in most new cars and trucks produced in late 2014.
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auto makers have been tucking them for years, recording actions of the drivers and of a continuous loop. supporters say it can help determine the cause of accidents leading to safer vehicle design buzz privacy advocates say they won't support technology until policies to prevent misuse of the information collected are put into place. >> dish network may join forces and why are shares of groupon up so much? >> hi, john. soon be teeming up with sprint nextel, learning dish may cut a deal that would allow dish to offer mobile phone service. something it's been desperate to do to offset reliance on satellite tv business. people say the two could end up sharing the revenue. dish could pay a fee to use
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the network. dish ceo said in october he'd given up ambitions of building a wireless network, focusing on partnering with a player, dish is said to have offered $4 billion in august. according to sources metro pccs turned down the bid. >> if you happen to check a groupon stock price today you my might have been=?[a wonderig what is up. shares hitting highest levels, closing under $4.70. one analyst says shares decline sod much since the ipo, the company is now a takeover target. one phone shall buyer could be google.ñ9évñ google offering $6 kbrinl for the site. back in 2010. california attorney general filed a first ever privacy law sult against the maker of a
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smart phone app. the suit accuses delta airlines of not including a privacy policy in its fly delta app. and the atmosphere app collects names, e mail addresses and other information. a spokesperson tells bloomberg the airline does not comment on pending litigation. apple and samsung back in court arguing over the patent infringement award granted this summer. the judge does not rule on the issues including questions about juror misconduct and a potential ban on some products. she did, though, call for global peace and said she was finished with rulings before the end of the year. as for markets, stocks closed mostly higher after today's better than expected jobs report. your bloomberg silicon valley index was down. apple and google sensed drags on the index.
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ibm is changing the way it contributes to plans, instead of making payments twice per month, ibm will pay a lump sum. workers who least company would forfeit matching payments, the move ibm says could end up saving them millions of dollars per year. in san francisco, witha/lwj bloomberg west, back to you. have a great weekend. >> john, thank you very much. >> gorgeous out there. >> yes. >> it's remarkable. >> just explaining about this traffic on the embarcadero. sunny skies, cool to mild conditions. looking on the bay, wow, what a gorgeous day here, would you like to be able to fly like an eagle? yeah. yeah. i don't want to sing it. you don't want me too to, either. here is a look. mainly sunny skies and
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scattered, widely scattered. not for several days as a matter of fact. temperatures into low 60s now. cooler closer to coast. 59 san rafael. 55 in half moon bay. forecast features, clear skies and cold in spots. sunny weekend, milder weather suchbltd and it will be cooler by mid week with a chance of showers. but let's enjoy warmth before that happens. tonight, possibly patches of fog in the valleys. cold up in the north bay. lows into mid whos in other locations. bigger picture this is what's happening in our weather. satellite shows a large area of high pressure building in to bring us sunny skies into afternoon hours and milder weather for the weekend going to carry into the first couple days of the week. forecast starts at 11:00 tonight. expanding from the san joaquin
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valley. and spilling throughout the delta and straight into some of the little pockets inland i was telling you about earlier. we can see patchy fog overnight.bte speaking of overnight, going into a sunny morning becoming mainly sunny day. high temperatures into the low 60s in the south bay. 62 in santa clara. lows into low 60s. upper 50s to around 60s on the coast. gout san francisco, 61 degrees tomorrow. into the east bay, 63 in oakland and fremont. inland east bay, low 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. check out the warmth 68 around the bay. mid 60 on the coast.
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more cooling with a chance of showers and then, a cooler pattern thursday, a light in mid december. >> yes. >> we've got breaking news now in eastern contra costa county. sky 7 live now over a fatal crash on byron highway. >> there is a head on collision there.a 0sp california patrol confirming one person has died. witnesses say the victim looks like it might be a young boy around seven years old. the accident around 3:30 this afternoon. >> we have more still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00. we're going to take you on the reduyktnrpet for the premier of "the hobbit. >> tom brady with a new addition to the family. >> taking a look at traffic on the bay bridge now. it's really backed up.
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you can see if you don't have fast track you're going to be waiting to career the toll plaza. metering lights could be on here. so expect slow going on the bridge. stay with us. abc 7 news
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want to bring you an update. a man climb hg this scaffolding. he has been secured at this point. police had him in custody. police say he was a suspect in telling officers the man kicked them and hit them with a skateboard this, is happening around construction site and pier 29. the impact of this has caused a traffic mess on the embarcadero. it shut down the embarcadero if we can take a look at what's happening. you can see right here, this is traffic being diverted up broadway, slow going in both directions. i'm assuming they're going to open up the embarcadero. it's created a lot of problem autos yes. that will take time to clear. >> yes. >> and add to the rolling
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stones performing for the super storm sandy benefit concert. including show producers say they've raised nearly $30 kblinl so far. the announcement comes as president obama plans to ask congress to approve $60 billion in aid to help communities rebuild from damage caused by sandy. >> native patriots quarterback tom brady is a new daddy again. brady ask his wife announced birth of their second child a little girl namedqst" vivienne . the super model says they're grateful to be the parents of another little angel. they have a 3-year-old son. >> congratulations autos from movie premiers to events, red carpets are packed now. >> we can hear all about it in today's on the red carpet report its a busy time for
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a-listers here in los angeles. matt damon and friends hit the red carpet last night for the premier of his latest film "promise land". >> seemed like a perfect back drop for a movie about american identity. the decisions we make as communities. >> in new york city another0w%ñ premier we learned some facts about elijah wood. >> i think i relate to hobbits. i love a comfortable home, good food and friends. i do love to travel which is not very hobbit-y. >> also in new york a benefit event put on by alicia keys celebrating yet another number one album. >> it's a bliss blesing to be able to be in this business and be able to do what i love,
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what my heart speaks. >> this event benefits those in africa and india affected by hiv and aids. for entertainment news go to >> still to come, long lines and patience. but for some, well worth the wait. how some families ended up with thousands of dollars. >> time is running out to avoid a so called fiscal cliff. now a warning about how it could bring the economy to a stand still. >> and what begans as a royal pregnancy prank by two australian djs has a tragic ending. what happened to
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we're tracking this for you in eastern contra costa county. you can see the scene of a horrific accident here. at least one body has been found on the scene believed to be that of a young boy.wikkg investigators right now are looking for a second body here at this crash site. you can imagine, traffic on the highway is backed up for miles right now. we'll keep following this for you. >> some lucky families now have $20,000 available to make a down payment on a house after attending an event held
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by wells fargo bank. it's called city lift. for those who qualify it's a life changing experience. laura anthony joins us live now in oakland. >> this he dent vent still qog on. it's a two day event here. before it's over tomorrow evening, about a thousand people could go through here, for hose who qualify for at sis stance this could be the last piece that is allows them to buy a home. wells fargo is reaching out to hundreds of bay area families, trying to help them with $20,000 towards a down payment on the purchase of a home. sean coleman lined up at 6:00 a.m. one of the first to find out he qualified. >> exciting day? >> yes. it is. better than a birthday. >> wells fargo making $5 million to perspective home buyers in nine east bay cities. oakland, fremont, antioch,
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pittsburgh and bay point. >> and we wish you the best. >> not everyone who applies will qualify. applicants must have a strong credit history and a consistent income. this woman came up short. >> are you disappointed?. >> slightly. but encouraged there are other programs out there i could possibly continue my journey on homeownership. >> for those who do qaul fwi, the $20,000 will being forriven if the buyer stays in the home five years. or prorated 20% per year of residence. >> the goal making sure we don't have people jumping in and flipping properties but that stay there. >> the east bay city lift program is part of a effort by wells fargo to comply with a 2012 settlement with the department of justice. >> they chose to do this. and... we're appreciative of that choice. because it's going to make a difference in our neighborhoods. >> those who did not qualify
4:33 pm
for the $20,000 still could receive help here in the form of more information about resource thadz are available, and information about classes and the like they can attend as i said this goes until 7:00 tonight then all day tomorrow, 10:00-7:00 here at downtown marriott. you can find more information on our web site. in oakland abc 7 news. >> california officials climbing in on what could happen here if the country goes offuhkg the so called fiscl cliff. officials predict the also of nearly $23 billion as well as loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> indicating the president adopted a strategy, a slow walk our economy to the edge of the fiscal cliff. >> democrats saypí>!p democratse
4:34 pm
slow walking the economy. yes. this is the same republican leadership that had to have incentive and session barely a day. barely a full day as this week. >> if we do go oaf the cliff, it will be especially bad for the unemployed. about 400,000 will stop receiving checks. >> police intercepted two bombs on the east of hillary clinton's visit top?édz northern ireand. officers rammed a car and seized a car hours before the sogs arrived. hours later they revealed a bomb had been found in a mailbox in a loyalist area of county down. detectives questioning four ñ republican army members.ublican >> sad ending this afternoon to what started out as a joke played by two djs involving the pregnancy of prince william wife's kate, the duchess of cambridge. a nurse who was drawn into the prank has died, a suspected
4:35 pm
suicide. a hospital nurse caring for the pregnant duchess of cambridge tricked by two radio disc jockeys has apparently committed suicide. the woman who served -- worked at sing 7th hospital had been pulled into connecting them to another nurse treating kate middleton hospitalized for extreme morning sickness. she had been working at the hospital four years found near the hospital,. >> jacinta worked at the hospital more than four years and an excellent nurse, well respected and popular with all colleague autos the two djs on the radio station called the hospital early tuesday morning. saldana took the call. >>.
4:36 pm
>> releasing this statement, the duke and duchess are deeply saddened to learn of the death. their thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and colleagues at this very sad time. the prank call had proven deeply embarrassing for the hospital, which is the medical institution of choice for the royal family. prince charles joked about the incident. >> react together news about the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> how do you know i'm not a radio station. >> now, it's no laughing matter. the nurse was a married mother of two. >> and there is much more still to come on abc 7dv+#qç net 4:00. storms dropped plenty of rain here, how much snow fell in the sierra? we'll take you live to see how things are slaiping up for the holidays. >> i'm michael finney. today is just ahead. taking your questions on twilter and pacebook so you can contact me right now on
4:37 pm finney abc 7 or on twitter. i'll be answering questions here live in just a moment. >> looking at western skies, you can see we're on the way to another colorful sunset. how warm will it be tomorrow? i'm spencer christian. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> want to give you an update on the traffic situation. traffic flowing again on the embark dareo]zí a man climbed up a scaffold. police got down after several hours, traffic on parts of the embarcadero flowing once again.
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>> the storms brought a lot of rain to the bay area. >> yes. >> but did the snow fall low enough to help out ski resorts? >> joining us live now is russ to talk about what the storm did for conditions there. how much snow did you see in the past week or so? >> the ski resorts are doing great. up high, about 8500 feet. we've got 42 inches of snow here. jñd you know, heavenly we've got the skiing you're going to be doing this weekend is above the snow line. it's fantastic. >> now, you've got rain at lake level d that hurt any conditions down there? >> you know, down at the base, we're starting our snow making
4:41 pm
tonight. and it needs to get that going. you can see it's starting to get clear and cool. so we're kind of following up the perfect storm here, what is interesting is that last year at this time we had 13 inches of snow on upper mountains. now we have about 9. we're in good shape. able to open skyline trail, connecting california to nevada. opening that january 16th last year, opened it today. so big, big progress. >> terrific. thank you so much, russ. >> i wonder if the video is russ on the snow board? >> i think might have been cancer. >> and i know, i know it was not spencer. >> i will never see me near snow. this is no rainfall, we've got clear skies. rain free. not a picture nationally
4:42 pm
tomorrow. dry down through the central part of the country. rainfall in pacific northwest. state wide looking at dry weather. cool in you're yeeka. milder moving farther south. low 60s in sacramento. part of the south, 70s in los angeles tomorrow, warm in palm springs. high of 78. here in the bay area, after chilly overnight and early morning period we're going to have relatively mild weather, we'll see high clouds passing through from time to time. and mainly sunny skies tomorrow, high temperatures will be into low or low to mid-60s. look for 61 in san francisco. 63 in oakland and fremont. 62 in antioch. and about 60s in half moon bay. lovely day and it will continue to get milder still, sunday and monday. >> what a treat. >> spencer and i know, only ice we want to see is inside
4:43 pm
of a glass. >> sometimes, even then, straight up. >> that is enough of that. thank you. >> just ahead on abc 7 news, results of a study may help you decide whether or not you want to be a parent. >> with todayñks-÷'s q and a, rs going up. the economy rebounds. how much of a hike is too how much of a hike is too much? you know how much grandma
4:44 pm
wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas.
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[ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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checking healthy living news this afternoon, americans might drink less mic than a generation ago, but face more decisions in the dairy market. nutritionists point out mic remains a key source of calcium and say pick a mic that best suits your needs. organic needs claims to be free of growth hormones but a study found no significant difference in the hormones found in organic versus conventional mic. >> parenthood is good for your health. researchers looked at 21,000 couples found women who gave birth were four times as likely to live longer than those who did not. the stud gee published in community health. >> wait until they get to college. >> this whale creating a smelly problem in southern
4:47 pm
california. the carcass of this 40,000 pound whale is decomposing on a malibu beach not far from homes of celebrities like barbara streisand. the whale wash add shore on monday, since then, the stench and controversy have grown. problem is that it's on a private beach. the city and los angeles counto say it's not their responsibility to clean it up. wuplike that? >> never seen that. >> it's a sad thing. just the fact it's there and everything like that. >> this whale is now dekprosed so much, experts say towing it is not an option. and there is concern it may attract sharks in the spot known for surfing. >> now, michael finney is here to answer your questions. first is this. my rent increased from $1689 to $1896s.
4:48 pm
i thought rent cannot be increased more than 7% a year, is this true? >> if only that were true. there are no california state laws about rent control, none. but the state now, there are a bunch of cities that have laws here around the bay area. including fremont, campbell, san swros yeah, san francisco. and berkeley are probably the most famous, check locally to see if there are any rules on how much they can go up. if you don't live in wuchbt cities and again, we'll post those on our ob webb site. but in the state of california you're on your own. >> okay. next question, davidpñ te mailed i ordered something online. today received an e mail saying the order was cancelled but yimts were priced wrong. do i have recourse? >> you do. here is the deal. you engaged in a contract. you zront to have a signed contract to have that. here is the deal. they made an offer, you accepted it.
4:49 pm
what are you going to do? there is no contract police. you can go to small claims court. here in california it doesn't ñ. you can sue them here, they'd have to show up or pay. the problem is that fit was an outrageous price difference, courts generally won't go for it. you bought it for $5 they say it's a mistake. >> this from louis, i spent the weekend in san francisco. the driver said you do not need a seat belt in a taxi. is that true? >> it's actually true. you do not have to wear a seat belt in city traffic. as soon as you hit highway, then, by law, have you to wear a seat belt.
4:50 pm
and neither the driver. they figured people hopping in and out fqñ themthey give a break. >> well, it would be advisible. >> absolutely. you get hit, you know, doesn't matter if you're going 60 or 40. let me tell you about one more thing. macy's has something new. they're keeping all 25 stores in the bay area open 48 straight hours the last weekend before christmas. macy's open from 7:00 a.m. on december 21 until 7:00 a.m. december 23, they'll been there to reopen. go to abc 7 for a link to stores in the area them. started with this last year. must have gone well. >> wow. >> carolyn will be there what? 45 of the hours? >> i don't know. >> staggering around. >> want to tell but an unusual
4:51 pm
fund raising tactic. congress woman jackie speier decided to auction off the jewelry she was wearing. spun asked her about her jacket she auctioned that off as well for $700. there is the lucky winner there. proceeds raised today go towards mental health association and star rifta crisis and suicide prevention. >> that is cool. spontaneous. >> it's amazing. >> just ahead, using music to bring the past to today's youth. >> our traditions to forward.b, >> the special award this artist received and how he's using history to change the future. >> hi there. in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 5:00 more on the shop that drove off with a cars and potential earnings of some motorists. michael finney going to put explaining how to mick sure this never happens to you. also, a different kind of car
4:52 pm
story. this with a happy ending. the stories and more coming up at 5:00. here you go little man.
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an east bay man is one of 54 people to receive a $50,000 reward for his contribute to the are aurts. >> abc 7 news introduces to us this man dedicated to keeping tradition as live. eugene rodriguez, musician, mentor. he created a mexican art center in a shopping center where young people come to lerp about music, art, history and culture. >> trying to give kids the message our tra tigss are for them to carry forward.&
4:56 pm
may be limited or english speaking people whoá? don't speak spanish. >> there are performance asks classes for children. there is an art room. they're creating pieces for a show. >> he kids learn about arts and discipline and teamwork. it's a magical space here. it develops their sense of self. >> next door is the war drop room. costumes created business his wife and her mother. it's always about the music. yeej yun -- eugene's son produces videos. eugene nominated for a grammy for a children album. jackson brown are on the latest cd. he created an outreach program, they brought latin culture to hawaii. >> we need to integrate people and get people to talk to each other. >> it's because of his commitment and dedication that the artist advocacy group has
4:57 pm
given him a $50,000 fellowship grant for artistic excellence. for the christmas show this, lot will be turned into a little bethlehem. then, inside music, a pinata and fun, saturday, december 15th. >> paragliders back on the ground after surviving in spain. >> he spent four hours dangling from high voltage lines in spain. he narrowly missed being electrocuted. >> a helicopter team tried to reach him but it got too dark. >> thanks for joining us at a4:00. >> awc 7 news at 5:00mhá2t begis right now. >>.
4:58 pm
>> thank you. more victims of a car consignment shop come forward, claiming the dealer drove off with the car and earnings. skpf one thing car owners should never hand over before the deal is sun. >> same-sex weddings left on hold. we'll take a look at what this means for those on either side of the battle. >> and i'm abc 7 news i'll let you you know if the dry pattern will continue. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the u.s. supreme court will consider california ban on same-sex marriage. >> that is right. it's a crucial decision not only affecting us and perhaps every state in the union as well. our coverage begins in sacramento. nannette? >> by taking41q prop 8 the court
4:59 pm
embarking on what could be a term involving civil rights decades. >> this is personally very personal to us. >> wedding bells will have to wait. the u.s. supreme court said it would take up the constitutionality of prop 8, california's 2008 voter-approved measure banning same-sex marriage. the two women have been together nearly seven years, and are ready to race down the aisle. >> it's horrendous to have something as personal as a marriage delayed for years. for there to be uncertainty. >> had justices declared to hear from prop 8 earlier rulings would have stood and same-sex marriages would have for gay couples another delay is frustrating. >> we get up every morning praying it will happen. and it's not just for us. it's for everyone. >> same-sex marriage opponents think prop 8 being amon

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Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 12/8/2012